Is the Maldives Going to Vanish From Our Planet?

Is the Maldives Going to Vanish From Our Planet?
The Maldives, the favorite honeymoon destination of every couple, is a small paradise on Earth. But all is not well in this beautiful paradise. The Maldives is the top diving site in the world in the beautiful Indian Ocean. It is a vibrant and fascinating landmark, and thousands of people visit the Maldives. 

Tourism is at the top in the Maldives, but do you know your favorite tourist destination is on the verge of drowning? Shocking, isn't it? Yet, it is true. The water level of the Indian Ocean is increasing day by day, and that day is not far when it will engulf the whole island.

What Do Analysts Say?

The Maldives is going down in water inch by inch. According to many analysts, in the next 80 years, it will completely vanish from Earth. Some say that in 2100 Maldives will drown in the Indian Ocean. Due to the continuous negligence of the government of Maldives, now the country is in significant danger.

It is a fact that the beauty of this island lies in its beautiful sea. Yet, the gradual increase in its level caused many changes in the climate and badly affected the country's environment. 

Almost 0.0003 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions are caused in the Maldives. The seawater will consume the Maldives if immediate and concrete steps are not taken to save the paradise.

What Do The Locals Have To Say?

Locals of Maldives have to face a lot of problems. Locals said that they are going through many troubles due to rising levels. One of the crucial issues they face is increased salt levels in the water. Even the water is extremely salty and unable to drink.

Other significant things that Maldives nationals have to face are storms and tsunamis. According to locals, it only used to rain during June and July in the Maldives ten years ago. The rest of the month is dry and sunny with calm seas. 

But now, the situation in the Maldives is the opposite. It can begin raining at any time, and storms can hit. It is a continuous threat for the locals of Maldives. Waves wash out the island twice a year. 

What Is The Maldives Government Doing?

IPCC reported in their report back in 2007 that the level of the Indian Ocean will increase up to 3.3 feet by the start of 2001. But, some say that it can also be a lot faster than the predicted year. This left the people of the Maldives and the government in complete shock.

As the globe gets warmer, the sea ice starts to melt. As a result, water levels begin to increase in the ocean. The government is considering the country's current state, and they are trying to take precautions accordingly. Over the years, the government has been trying its best to save the island.

In 2020, the government declared that the nation of the Indian Ocean would go carbon neutral. The Maldives is located southwest of India and Srilanka. In 2019, the government of Maldives tried to buy land from India and Srilanka by setting the funds gained through tourism in the Maldives.

In 2020, to fight the impending crisis, the elected president of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, said he will make the country carbon neutral. The government of Maldives is already ready to invest $1.1 billion in different energies, from rooftop solar systems to wind turbines.

How Is The Maldives Marine Ecosystem Suffering?

Maldives' real charm lies under its beautiful blue and emerald water. The marine life of Maldives is the natural beauty of the island. There are almost 250 species of coral reefs and 2,000 plus species of fish. It is also informed that the rise in the ocean's temperature has increased by 60, and 70 percent of coral reefs have been destroyed in the last six years.

The scientist and aqua life experts said that if precautions are not taken on time, this will be the end of coral reefs in the Maldives. According to predictions, by the year 2045, there will be no coral reefs in the Maldives. Corals provide food and shelter to the fishes, and it will be a significant loss for the marine ecosystem.

The government of Maldives is trying to change the country's destiny by turning obstacles into opportunities for a more sustainable future for the citizens. Yet, the sea level will not stop rising until it engulfs the Maldives. You never know what plans destiny has for you.